Want to test your limits?

Test the limits of your imagination. Deploy bots and give you clients, experience they never had before


AI BOTS improves your customer experience by adding intelligence to the dialog. You can build simple conversation using our feature “Smart Conversations”, however it has some limitation. AI BOTS configuration is limited by your imagination and it helps resolve your customer queries and tasks in a better way. Some of the the feature that our BOTS offer are


You can add navigation at different levels so that your customer are able to jump from one step to another. This feature improves customer experience by giving them flexibility to rectify their mistakes or go to another step if they are not after the step they are on.

Bot Learning

Learning from customer response

It is hard to configure the BOTS correctly in the first place. All BOTS configuration need to be adjusted in order to direct them to the correct area. Our BOTS constantly learn the user response and provide suggestions on how to adjust the configuration according the the user input

Powerful parser

Out BOTS are equipped with powerful parser that find the intent from the user input and lead them to correct area. They are not rigid and offer flexibility so that if they are unable to parse user input, they do not start an infinite loop.