Your clients use different apps?"
Talk to them on their own app

Why your customers should switch to your messaging app when you reach out to them on their own messaging platform


A Channel is an input/output interface that lets you communicate with your clients and vice versa. You can add number of channels based the type of interaction you have with your clients. e.g. If you only want to send an sms to your clients and do not exepct any reply then you can use our inbuilt shared messaging channel, however if you want your clients to communicate through Facebook, then you need to add a facebook channel. You can add various channels based on your target audience. We provide following channels that you can create.

SMS (Dedicated Number)
SMS Channel also called dedicated number lets you send SMS to your clients using a dedicated number, that number will appear as as source number, when your clients receive the SMS. Your clients can reply on that message and you can create smart keywords to process that reply. More about SMS Channel
Facebook channel lets you link a facebook page to our platform, once you link your facebook page, all messages sent to it will be forwarded to your account, you can create keywords to decide what to done for each received messge. More about Facebook Channel
Skype channel lets you link skype bot, this will enable you to interact with your clients through skype platform. More about Skype Channel
Viber channel lets you link viber public account, this will enable you to interact with your clients through viber platform. More about Viber Channel