Want to work with data?
Creat "Smart Lists"

Store contact numbers,save incoming message, send bulk messages, Yes! you can do it with smart lists

Smart Lists:

Smart lists,contact lists or simply lists are CSV (comma separated value) files that can be used for a multiple purposes like:

  • Store your contact numbers
  • Store data from your clients
  • Send Bulk Messages
  • Perform variable substitution
Smart Lists

Contact list

You can use Smart Lists as your contact list to store contact numbers of your clients, you can later use this list to send them a message. You can use our web GUI to create a smart list or you can create your own list and upload it to your account.

Use as contact list

Use as contact list

Store data from incoming messages

Smart Lists can also be used to store data from your clients whenever they send you a message. Following information can be stored for any incoming message:

  • Client's Number
  • Your channel address to where your client sent you the message
  • Message body
  • Time at which the message was sent
  • Unique Message ID of the message that was sent

You can further download these Smart Lists if for your record, or use it in your outgoing messages

Send bulk SMS

Smart lists can also be used to send bulk SMS. Messages can be sent through GUI or API, if you reference a Smart List in your request then that message will be sent to all the contacts that are your contact list.
Moreover it is not limited to SMS, you can also send bulk message to other channels e.g. on a Facebook page , to a Viber public account or to your clients on skype

Send Bulk SMS

Variable Substitution

Replace variable with dynamic text

In addition to send messages through Smart Lists, you can also use variables in your message body and that variable will be replaced by the value in your Smart list. e.g. if you have a contact lists that store Names of your clients with a header of "Name" then ?Name? in your message body will be replaced by the actual value of Name in that Smart List